The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Lawrence Lahai Leema, has reacted with strong warning to the statement of Sylvia Blyden on AYV TV.

Mr. Leema noted that Sylvia Blyden will be held responsible for any problem that arise from her statement that ‘the next President of Sierra Leone should be a Muslim, and that religion will be a big issue in the next presidential election.”

Through a comment, the Minister, Lahai Leema reacted to Sylvia, stating that the statement or comment of Sylvia Blyden is dangerous and that “The comment sets the pace for religious tension. If any trouble arises from it in the future, the State shall hold Sylvia responsible”.

Sylvia Blyden made the statement on AYV TV where she was hosted. She discussed a lot of issues including the possibility of her running for presidency in the next election.