Lawyer Alfred Kamanda, one of Boss LA’s defense Counsels, has reacted to the Court’s judgment on 11 associates of Boss LA, on offences of Riotous Conducts and Disorderly Behaviors. The Judiciary of Sierra Leone tweeted on Monday 27th June that,

“Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Pademba Road Court No.2 has today sentenced 11 persons to 36 months imprisonment each. They were charged with 2 counts of Riotous Conducts & Disorderly Behaviors. At the OSD Headquarters, accused persons rioted & behaved in a disorderly manner.”

This judgment sparked several social media reactions, many describing it as ‘highhandedness’ and disproportionate. One of those reactions is the one made by Lawyer Alfred Kamanda, Boss LA’s defense Counsel, who wrote on his Facebook page hours after the judgment was passed on LAJ’s brother Ishmael Rappish Bah, Journalist Ibrahim Koroma aka Prezo Koroma, a music producer Don Creek Beats and wife, LAJ’s co-artist Rahim and wife, and others.

Lawyer Kamanda noted that the accused had ‘limited or no time to talk with their solicitors’, as posted below:


“Harsh, unfair, rushed, insufficient time to prepare their individual defenses, limited or no time to talk with their Solicitors which amount to a miscarriage of justice. Justice hurried is justice buried. An Appeal in the High Court is the most appropriate”