The executive Director of Legal Aid Board Claire Carlton-Hanciles Esq. Has in a post on social media call on Sierra Leoneans to keep the peace and stay calm and state that Anger and hot headedness will not solve our problems.

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GM fellow Sierra Leoneans let me appeal to all of us to keep the peace and stay calm. Anger and hot headedness will not solve our problems.

The Police and all political parties must stop anger and issues of violence. We are not helping ourselves. The World is facing a global crisis. Covid, Russia Ukraine etc. A lot of Governments are facing backlash in different Countries around the World.

It is so serious that Heads of States have run out of ideas as to how to help or pacify their people. Sierra Leone being no exception.  We all want our President to talk to us. What will he say?I don’t want to be his speech writer right now because I will be busy writing and scratching his lines. Should he say this or that. I want to appeal to us women. Of course we feel the pinch. Price of basic commodities going up everyday. When women are unsettled our men are also unsettled. So pls men, husbands, relations help us go through this phase. The effects of global issues is affecting all of us. Our third world countries are no exception.  We need no more war in Sierra Leone.

We suffered a lot during those war years. Petrol dealers and importers pls come out with a statement on where all of you are on this issue. We know different Countries like our neighbours Guinea have no petrol because the government has reached a point where they cannot increase the price anymore. For us our Government has not stopped it because it will be foolhardy to do so. Even though the world price changes by the minute pls have mercy on us. IG Sovula you are one of our very important personality in this Country. We know heading the police force is a very challenging job at this time. I know there are all sorts of laws to arrest people but right now people are angry and justifiably so as the cost of living has gone through the roof. So tamper justice with mercy.

We see these price increment demonstrations around the world and we know where people are this angry there is bound to be violence. Pls admit all arrested on bail after having I hope level headed discussions with all groups concerned by the leadership of the SLP. Mass issues can be solved by dialogue.

We pray that His Excellency our President will be given the wisdom to stir the Country in this difficult time. So many people in all Countries are hurting right now around the World and governments are faced with such serious strife. Only God will save us all. Right now the misunderstandings between citizens and their governments stands unabated I hear the petrol leadership wants to increase the price again to twenty five thousand due to the  fluctuating price in the world market.

Pls engage the nation before you do this if it is true. The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce pls step in and help. Other professional bodies pls help. Even our civil society organisations. Governments can easily be critised but if the problem is beyond them these criticisms are meaningless. Pls let us engage the pertoleum people together with Government. Nobody needs tension right now.

I would never have thought that Russia fuel plays such great role in the World. How I wish Russia and Ukraine will settle for our petrol hardship to solve . Only God knows as I listen to

World news. If wishes were horses beggars will ride.

I send my very warm regards to all of you hurting out there right now. May God protect and provide for you and may this issue go away in JMN I pray. Amen. Peace unto you all. Shalom.