The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh Kallon has responded to the calls of transport and road safety advocates and stakeholders to consider modalities for the establishment of a traffic court in Sierra Leone.

He said the current traffic laws and regulations of Sierra Leone have some violations that are arrestable offenses wherein other penalties should be imposed after summary conviction for a particular traffic offense that needs a traffic court.

All documents have been submitted to the Corporate Affairs Commission for registration after an engagement with ‘poda poda’ and bus owners.

He stated that the ministry’s next step is to do membership surveys and registration of owners, drivers, and conductors, and identity cards will be issued to them and they will sign up for a strict code of conduct.

He further stated that, plans to capacitate building programs are in progress as they want to give confidence to the public that they are been transported by responsible people and the registration of a passenger Welfare Association is also in progress.

He concluded by saying it is a private sector-led initiative that is to support the government’s quest to improve the public transport sector under the World Bank-funded initiative.