The Operations Officer of The Waterloo Police Division,DSP Septimus Siaka Vandi, has strongly confirmed that, there is no space for bad individuals and criminals in waterloo anymore.

Making the statement in an interview with Sierra Network Salone, he confirmed that Waterloo is one of the most peaceful places currently in the country as everyone goes on his or her normal business at ease.

Speaking on the massive operations the division has recently embarked on which has made the division to be classed as a proactive one in curtailing crimes. He said, waterloo was classed as one of the places in the country hosting high level of criminals and in changing the narratives, they worked harder to institute workable measures to change the wrongs in coming after criminals with no compromise.

“As we are going into the national elections we want to make sure that, waterloo continues to have it good name. That everyone should enjoy the peace and anyone who tries to disturb that peace may have great problem with the law as there is no space for them anymore in waterloo” he said.

He said their team is very proactive to ensure that crime and criminal scenes are easily reached to restore peace, adding that the frequent raiding movement of the police is not to intimidate the citizens but to protect them at all times.

Their several operations carried out he said has been very successful as there has been no causalities on the side of the police, the citizens and even the criminals.