The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Kabineh Kallon, has disclosed that in 2022, road traffic collisions resulted in 269 fatalities in Sierra Leone.ย 

To address this issue, the Sierra Leone Integrated Resilient and Urban Mobility Project (SLIRUMP), in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) and the World Bank, held a two-day Road Safety Workshop for Transport Stakeholders.

The workshop aimed to share road safety best practices and knowledge, raise awareness of the need for a mentality shift to address road safety, and highlight evidence-based measures.

Participants from various organizations, including the SLP, SLRA, SLRSA, SLIRUMP, FCC, Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Internal Affairs, Road Safety Watch, Talking Drum Studio, Transport Owners Association, Keke Union, Drivers Union, Traders Council, Passengers Welfare, CSOs, and the Media, attended the workshop.

Minister Kallon called for collective action to prevent similar tragedies, emphasizing the loss of human capital.

Abdu Muwonge, the World Bank Country Manager, expressed the institution’s commitment to supporting projects on road safety in Sierra Leone and urged traffic law enforcement agencies to be more proactive in enforcing regulations and inspections to improve traffic management systems.