Zero Corruption Campaign (ZCC), a Transparency and Accountability Base Civil Society Organization, is set to award 30 remarkable Sierra Leoneans with no corruption record in the past Commissions of Inquiry (C.O.I) and present government.

ZCC would recognize 25 citizens and 5 institutions, which will include senior citizens, business tycoons, media houses, media personalities, civil society activists, Banks, and more.

The Chief Executive Officer of ZCC, Elison John said that the National Integrity Awards is an initiative meant to recognize distinguished Sierra Leoneans who have maintained the highest standards of integrity over the past years in their different profession and to inspire more Sierra Leoneans to strive for excellence.

He continued that the award is geared towards promoting transparency and accountability by way of sending messages to other citizens that they can be recognized for staying away from corruption.

He furthered that this year’s Awardees will be 30 in total (for individuals, Bank, media houses, media personalities, civil society activists, and Business tycoons.)

Zero corruption camping-ZCC is an officially registered civil society organization, and official partner of the Anti-corruption Commission of Sierra Leone (ACC) in the fight against corruption in the country.