The Chairman of Unity Party, Femi Claudius-Cole has bemoaned the current hardship in the country, and called on President Bio to focus his priority at home rather than abroad.

She made this statement on a social media post yesterday.

“Life in this Country is tough! businesses are struggling, taxed to the point of closure, we fight for transport, fight for water, struggle to top up the meter and the phone,” Claudius-Cole stated.

She added that, “The police harass, demand money and intimidate poor driver’s and riders. Men in suit and tie resort to begging, the mothers and children beg. our prostitute now give credit.”

The Unity Party leader further noted that, “At this point of hopelessness who cares about our image abroad, we are tired of hearing about MCC scores and international rankings. Focus on our lives here at home!”

Indeed, there is a general feeling of public dissatisfaction and suffering hanging like a dark cloud over the lives and destiny of Sierra Leoneans which need to be addressed now. The masses are suffering and poverty written in the frustrated faces of our people.