For the first time, the government of President Bio through the Minister of Information and Communication Mohamed Rahman Swaray engaged the Film Industry, a sector of the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone at the Standard Bureau Hall, Ferry Junction, in Freetown on the 24th of August 2022.

The engagement is geared toward putting together the country’s Film Industry’s Policy together and presenting it to the minister which the Industry is leaning on for the best output for its members.

According to NewsFeed Sierra Leone, the Public Relations Officer for the Film Guild Abu Bakarr Conteh stated that “it might not be timing considering how long we have been calling on government then and now to hear us, only now we have the opportunity, which I will say its better late than never because all this while the attention is more on the music industry” he expressed.

He further highlighted the importance of the Policy which he referred to as the Bible of the Film Industry, “this policy will guide and guards us in many ways, not limited to the fight against infringement, sale of movies, piracy to how to make a film and a linking between the government and the Filming Industry” he explained.

There is a green light at the end of the tunnel for the Film Industry Policy as the Minister promised to make this Policy happens as soon as the end of September 2022, the Public Relations Officer confirmed. “There is a difference between the Film Industry Act and the Policy, which means the Act takes a long process considering it cabinet stage to Parliament whereas the Policy can be achieved right from the cabinet without Parliamentary scrutiny, it is a commitment we all want to live to experience as soon as possible” he anticipated.

He urged all professional Film Makers, ranging from Actor, Actress, producers, directors, and cinematographers to scriptwriters in the country to try as best as they could to be a member of their different guilds because that will help protect everyone’s interest and no one rights will be infringed but if you are not a member of any Guilds then, you can’t be protected or stand for at a difficult time in the Film Industry.