The British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone, Lisa Chesney, paid a visit to the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Timothy Musa Kabba, at his office located in Tower Hill Freetown.

The closed-door meeting, characterized by its cordiality, served as a platform for Minister Kabba to reiterate the unwavering commitment of President Bio’s Government to forging robust bilateral and diplomatic ties with development partners. The discussion further revolved around the historical relationship between Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom, underscoring the mutual desire to address diplomatic concerns through appropriate channels.

Both Minister Kabba and High Commissioner Chesney shared a common understanding regarding the significance of historical ties, solidifying their commitment to resolving diplomatic issues in a manner befitting the strong relationship that exists between the two nations.

During the discussions, High Commissioner Chesney made a noteworthy assertion regarding the United Kingdom’s stance on Sierra Leone’s domestic politics. She underscored the UK government’s unwavering stance of neutrality in the country’s internal political affairs, thus reinforcing the principle of sovereign governance.

A notable highlight from the meeting was High Commissioner Chesney’s expressed contentment with President Bio’s Government’s decision to undertake a comprehensive review of the operations of the Energy Corporation of Sierra Leone (ECSL). This gesture was regarded as a positive step towards fostering transparency and accountability in Sierra Leone’s energy sector, earning commendation from the British envoy.