Ladies are complex human beings, no man can say he fully understands things about them. They may say a word and mean the exact opposite or behave in a certain way that may give you a different impression about them but with a totally different thing on their mind.

Ladies are individuals that don’t flaunt how they feel about a guy easily as any excessive demonstration might make them look cheap to the guy. But for a girl to open her heart and show love, it should be considered an honor because once she loves, she does it with the whole of her heart like she does when she hates.

No girl is perfect but if a girl is doing some of these 7 things listed below around you, it means she loves you and this may be the perfect opportunity for you to have her.

1. She includes you in her future plans.

For a lady to mention you in her future it means she likes you and would want to see you guys end up together.

2. She enjoys being around you.

When a lady dislikes you, she will use even the slimmest excuse to avoid you. If she likes being around you it’s a sign she loves you.

3. She doesn’t hesitate to spend money on you.

Ladies are very cautious in their spending. They don’t spend extravagantly most especially when it comes to spending on guys.

When she spends on you, it means she’s in to you and she doesn’t mind spending on you.

4. She is ready to sacrifice her savings to support your dreams.

When she is willing to sacrifice her savings for you, it means she believes in you and your dreams and she wants to do whatever she can to support you. This attribute is rare to find in a lady because most of them believes men should do the spending in a relationship. When you find a girl that is willing to support your dreams and vision, don’t let her go. Her kind of lady is rare or rather one in a million.

5. She cries when you talk to her harshly and your words hurt her.

For your words to hurt anybody most especially a lady, it means your words matters to her, she loves you and hold you in high esteem. Behave yourself, watch your words and use them to uplift her rather than pulling her down with them.

This is also an indication that whenever you complement her she’s likely to appreciate it since she holds your words in high esteem and they matter to her.

6. She calls in the late hours of the night just to hear from you.

Like they say the last person you think of before going to bed is either the source of your joy or pain. For her to sacrifice her sleep to talk to you, you must be special then. Make her feel special too.

7. She tells you that she dreamt about you last night.

This could be another sign for her to show you she likes you and to make you feel special. This is also a way of her telling you she’s always thinking of you. Whoever that has dated a girl before must have experienced some of the things mentioned above. Because they exist in a relationship.

It’s rare to see a girl walk up to a guy and tell him she really likes him, so if you notice some of these things mentioned above, it’s a sign that she loves you. Because girls don’t associate with guys they do not have a thing for just like that, unless they have ulterior motive.