As the battle for the song continues, Sierra Leone rapper, LM Last Mayor has promised to pay thugs to attack his fellow rapper, AG Rhymes.

Both rappers have been friends for ages and started their music career together. They are both signed under Hard Rappers Clans (HRC) Record Label that housed other musicians like Fine Posh and Kash Mill.

A confirmed source informed Sierraloaded that the two rappers were working together in a song including their label mate, Fine Posh which AG Rhymes later told the producer to remove his verse from the song. Since then, they started fighting over the ownership of song. AG Rhymes claimed that he created the concept of the song while LM Last Mayor also claimed the same. This has led the rappers to separate.

The hit maker, LM Last Mayor wrote on his Facebook page: “Like am going to pay thugs, they beat you up for your stupidity, you’re not my brother no more, Snitch”.

The issue became public when the two rappers shared different artworks with the similar concept of the song “Reason”. The fans have started asking the rappers to come together and release the song together instead of going solo.

The management of HRC have not release any statement concerning the in fighting that is happening in the label.