General Manager of Betsalone, Nicholas NIcol has admitted they ae responsible for the current state of Sierra Leone Lottery Building at Siaka Steven Street.

Nicholas said that they spent about Le100 millions for the electrification of the down floor of the State Lottery Company at Siaka Steven Street where the sport building was taking place.

He informed journalists that they sign five years contract with Accord Logistics but that state Lottery gave them notice to quit in June this year.
He stated that Betsalone spend about Le 300m for the renovation and electrification of the building, noting that they just removed all what belong to them from State Lottery Company.


He revealed that Bet Salone was not partnering with Sierra Leone Lottery Company but with Accord Logistics.

He explained that after Accord Logistics won the bid they were supposed to invest about $50,000 into state lottery they did not have the money and they had to call on Betsalone so that they would not lose the contract.

That as such, Betsalone had to give out US$50,000 through the Chairman of Betsalone and that when Betsalone was looking for office accommodation. Johnny Kosa of Accord Logistic told them to use State Lottery building which they did in October last year.

Nicol said they have incorporated some of the staff of state lottery like Florence Kamara and Mr. Tamu and that even when State Lottery workers protested against Accord Logistics, Betsalone came to the aid of Accord Logistics by paying salaries and government revenues.

He stated that Betsalone has its own license for which they are paying US$100,000 to the Ministry of Finance yearly.

Florence Kamara, Marketing Officer Sierra Leone State Lottery Company said that it was a surprise for her to hear that Betsalone has vandalized state lottery office and that the switches, Cables, from the down floor to the middle floor have been removed by Betsalone.

She disclosed that the Chairman of National Commission for Privatization Dr. Prince Harding and Anthony Brewa have been there to see the vandalized office.

She informed journalists that they have reported the matter to the CID, insisting that Betsalone is still operating with their license.