As the housemate contestants do say in the house ‘there is life after housemates’, evicted housemates Mimi Munah Zayat and her first couple in the week 1 of the housemates reality TV show Franklyn Gibson have gone way past as just house couples to life time couples.

The Housemates Salone Season 3 is known for for its drama, love gossip amongst others. It is because of all these qualities the show possesses that qualifies it to be the yagba season. It is called the yagba season because it is a game and to play it means you must be very well prepared.

When this relationship started at week 1 of the show, fans of both celebrities thought it was part of the yagba game season both are playing but it turned out that they really had feelings right at the house. They were spotted doing almost everything and spending most of their time together. This happened even when they separated and each having a different couple in the house.

After spending weeks in the house, Franklyn Gibson was evicted out of the third week. When Franklyn was asked about Mimi’s behaviour after the he has been evicted, he proudly boasted that he knew and trust Munah to not do anything stupid and affirmed to the fan zone host Hurrai Bangurah that both of them are into strong relationship and they have plans after the show. After Franklyn s eviction, His fiancée in the house Mimi Munah Zayat aka the Ginger Queen followed his couple the following week 4 eviction.

On several occasions, both celebrities have been spotted on places known to be equilibrium points for lovers. This really shows that indeed there is life after housemates, and people can find love anywhere despite the condition. The Housemates show is a game and others are pretending to fall in love because they are playing the game. It has turned out that Franklyn and Mimi played their game of love real.

Franklyn took to his TikTok handle to share hi stunning photos of himself and Mimi and clearing doubts to fans that this has gone way far above housemates.

Congratulations Franklyn and Mimi…!!!!