AYV Cypher Season 1 winner and signed artiste to Kabaka Multimedia & Entertainment (KME), Amara Moss commonly known as M.I.C blasted his record label.

On his Facebook post, the young rapper posted “FUCK K.M.E”. He continued by introducing an event that will take place on 26th March, 2022 at Mamz Beach Bar.

Bloggers, music lovers and entertainers including Nasser Ayoub saw it as hype as the young lad was trying to hype his upcoming event which he stated on the post. Others are waiting on his confirmation if he is leaving the record label.

KME is one of the biggest record labels in Sierra Leone which has produced many acts. The label started with Blesz, Rozzy, Markmuday, Future K, Kracktwist & Samza and signed 3 years contract with them in 2017. They released collaborative songs like ‘Kam Ya’ and other hit songs. The label later signed I-Tribe, M.I.C and SLQJ.

Markmuday became the first artiste to leave the label in 2019. The likes of Blesz, Kracktwist & Samza and I-Tribe left the label after their contracts came to an end. M.I.C who is one of the strong holders of the label has blasted which music lovers thought that he is leaving the label.