The Sierra Malaria Indicator Survey (SLIMIS) has disclosed that Since 2016, malaria prevalence inches country has gone down from 43% to 22% in 2021.

Slight improvement in the household living conditions since the SLMIS 2016. For example, there has an increase in the proportion of household using improved toilet facilities (51% in 2021).

The percentage of households in Sierra Leone using one room for sleeping decreased slightly from 25% in SLMIS 2021.

The Percentage of households using solid fuels for cooking is extremely highly (97%)

More than one third of household (35%) is heading by a woman. Less than 5% of household have one household members.

On average, household in Sierra Leone consists of 5.1% persons.

72% of women own any mobilephone , one in 5 women (20%) has used the the Internet in the last 12 months.

Four in ten women in Sierra Leone are literaye(58% Urban and 27% Rural) while more than half no education (36% Urban and 63% Rural)