Political influencer, Mamu AI Conteh has revealed  on his Facebook timeline, that the Popular Herbalist and DJ Cleff’s killer, Baimba Moi Foray commonly called LAC was given a diplomatic passport and was flown out of Sierra Leone.

The political influencer noted that the Murderer’s disappearance was a conspiracy of President Bio.

He added that the First Lady, madam Fatima Bio and the President, Julius Maada Bio knew who Baimba Moi Foray (LAC) was and break all election rules for Hawa Foray to win the SLPP Women’s Leader Position because they knew she is the true sister of the Murderer LAC.

This is just a brief of what he posted, see full post below:

“Do you know that the winner of the SLPP’s women’s leader Hawa Foray is the real sister of the murderer LAC?

Do you still thing the First Lady or Maada Bio, who break all election rules for Hawa Foray to win, did not know who Baimba Moiforay (LAC) is?

And what if i was to tell you that LAC was present at the inauguration of Hawa Foray at State House, even before he was granted a presidential Pardon?

Please dont let them play you. Maada Bio is a criminal and a killer. He sees nothing wrong with people who committed murder. Lac was given a diplomatic passport and flown out of Sierra Leone”.