On Monday, May 23, 2022, a Sierra Leonean man won 91 Million Leones from Mercury International sports bet.

The civil servant who is identified as Ishmail K. bet Le2000 for 15 teams including against Man United on a single ticket at his local Redbox Mercury Bookie in Freetown.

He won Le91 Million (equivalent to $7100) from 2000 Leones ($.16) Sports Bet.

Ishmail has been betting with Mercury International for over two years and this is his biggest win. Some months back he won about two Million Leones. His take-home for this winning is 75 Million Leones after tax.

However, this is one of the big wins from Mercury International this year. From December 2021 to January this year, the betting company paid over Le1 billion to several customers. One of which won over Le500 million, the highest winning on a single ticket from Mercury International.

Mercury International launched its lottery and sports betting products in 2007. Its products include the 5/90 lottery, sports betting, online betting, Zone, Rapids, and Virtual Rapid games.