Osman Bundu Sesay, is said to be the man who humiliated and abused the human rights of Bockarie Mansaray over a woman. In a video shared on social media, Osman stripped Bockarie unclad and accused him of sleeping with his wife.

As the issue went viral on social media, citizens have been raised concerns as to the violation of Bockarie human rights by Osman. ”We are still waiting on press releases from different organisations and associations standing up for Bockarie,” a concern citizen noted.

Instances have been made of previous violations of human right by individuals in the country. One major one is Blessing Sengah whos right was violated by a married woman inside a kekeh in Freetown.

”We all could remember back then the issue of Blessing Sengah, how social media took up the matter and the necessary apologies were made,” the citizen added.

“How is Bockarie’s predicament any different? Who gave Osman Bundu the effrontery to do what he did? Is he above the law or what? And what are the Police and other law enforcement bodies doing about this?” She asked.

“Or because this is a man so he has to be shamed and disgraced just like that with no justice for him? We hope he gets the justice he deserves. These are comments of some Sierra Leoneas.”