Abdul Razack Smart, the Sierra Leonean Man whose wife had collapsed and died following his arrest on Thursday 1st December 2022, has said that the Police are responsible for the death of his wife and called for justice.

According to Smart, when interviewed by Raymond of Culture Radio, his wife did not collapsed and died out of shock or stress but was tortured by the police who went to raid their house and that lead to her death.

Narrating what had occurred that day, Smart said they (himself and his wife) were in their bedroom and he was counting their money which they had worked for over 3 years, when they heard loud banging on their door. He had wanted to go open the door but his wife told him to use the back door and check on the people that were banging the door. Upon his escape through the back door to see who were knocking, he said the police officers break in and met his wife.

He continued that when he had round to the front door of his house, he saw the officers already in their house and one of them was shocking his wife, who was five months pregnant, with an Electric Shocker Gun and forcing her to give them the plastic bag that contained their money which was over Le 30 Million.

He furthered that, the police were able to get hold of the money after his wife had became weak and couldn’t continue to hold on to it. He said the police found jamba in his house but there was no kush with him as they had claimed and that after they had forcefully taken the money from his wife, they arrested both of them even though he surrendered himself to them and pleaded with them to leave his wife alone.

He explained that after the arrest, the police took them to a disserted place in order to negotiate on the said money. He said they asked him if he wants to go to court for the ‘Jamba’ they had found in his house and that he should give them Le 6 Million in order to solve the issue there and then.

Smart continued that he negotiated for Le 2 Million but they insisted on the 6 Million, so he refused to give them that amount and stated that he will rather give that amount to the LUC than giving it to those officers.

“One of the officers is ASP ABM Kamara whom had instructed them to take the money from my wife, saying that it is a drug money.” Smart stated.

He continued that, the police took them to the Harbour Police Station at Ross Road and upon their arrival, the manner in which the police pushed him out of the vehicle, his wife couldn’t handle the sight and collapsed. He added that she was rushed to the nearest hospital, the Ross Road Clinic, as he was taken in the station to give his statement and that it was during that time he heard someone shouted his name. So he went out and immediately rushed to the hospital only to find his wife lying dead with blood oozing from his nose and eyes.

In the part of the police officers, according to their report, they said the woman was not arrested but had accompanied her husband who was arrested and that she was seated outside the police station when she collapsed and after which she was rushed to the Ross Road Clinic where she was confirmed dead.

However, Raymond of Culture Radio when speaking to Brother of the suspect, one of the eye witnesses, he confirmed that the police indeed used a shocker gun on the late woman and that they also hit her with the gun in order to force the money out from her grip.

The suspect and husband of the deceased concluded the interview crying out these few words:

” I want people to help. I need Justice. I want them to fight for me. I don’t know what to do. They have killed my wife and destroyed my life”

Meanwhile the deceased corpse has been conveyed to the Connaught Hospital’s Mortuary for autopsy/ postmortem.