The indefatigable NGC Strong Woman that has opted to carry the mantle of the NGC Women’s Leadership Position in the party, on Thursday 18th August 2022 embarked on a nationwide tour in a bid to engage NGC women from the Regions, District and constituency.

Madam Marie Jalloh started her trip in the North and North-West Regions were she was able to converge all the women from Kambia, Port Loko, Karene, Falaba Bombali, Tonkolili and Kono from the North-East to the city of Makeni and held a productive and fruitful deliberations with them. Madam Jalloh and her delegation were received by the women and the various District Executives with the usual fanfare and praises. Madam Jalloh expressed joy for being with them and for the massive welcome they accord her.

After introducing her delegation, Madam Jalloh inform the women and all present, who are all delegates for the forthcoming NGC National Delegates Conference, of her main purpose of visiting them. She said, “I am here to formally inform you that, I am vying for the position of Women’s Leader in our NGC party. And I am here to ask you all for your support in my bid to become the next Women’s Leader of the NGC,” Madam Jalloh said.

She informed the jubilant crowd that, she has the know how on how to provide quality Women’s Leader representation for the party. “I am doing this because I want our women to have quality representative. I believe with me as your Women’s Leader, NGC will witness the high rate of women joing the party,” Marie Jalloh said. Madam Jalloh outlined the series of projects she has done for th NGC party among them is the Micro Credit Scheme she is currently running at the benefit of NGC Women in the provinces.

Women from the above Districts present during the meeting applauded Madam Jalloh for her ambition, calling it “a true ambition that will alleviate the women in NGC.” All present at the meeting pledge their support for Madam Jalloh and promised to vote her in as the next Women’s Leader of the party.

After a successful meeting in Makeni, Madam Marie Jalloh and her delegation then moved to the South and Eastern Regions. They held a successful meeting in Bo town where she was welcomed by the Bo District Chairman and his Executive. Representatives from Districts in the Southern Region witnessed the meeting and were informed of the same message of support for Madam Marie Jalloh. They also commend Madam Jalloh for stepping up and promised to support her.

Madam Marie Jalloh wrapped up her provisional trip in the Eastern Region, where she had another successful meeting with representatives from all the Districts in the Eastern Region in Kenema town. Coming back to Freetown, Madam Marie Jalloh on Sunday 21st August 2022 had another successful meeting with cross section of members in the Western Area Rural, at Hamilton village. The Western Area Regional Chiarman, Mr. Arthur Pearce and the Youth Wing Secretary General, Mr. Abdulai Jalloh (Game Changer) were invited to witness the meeting.

Speaking to this medium, Madam Marie Jalloh said, her trip has been successful, the purpose of her trip was achieved and she said she is in high spirit to win the Women’s Wing election in the forthcoming NGC National Delegates Conference. “I call on all Delegates to vote wisely, to vote for the right person, to vote for the person that can deliver, and I believe, I can deliver and transform our Women’s Wing,” Marie Jalloh said.