Winner of Big Sister reality TV show season 2 Marjo Bona Williams has celebrated one year marriage anniversary.

Marjo starts by thanking her family and friends for the love and congratulations messages sent to her and her family and told people to be patient as the grand reception is on the way.

“Good morning family and friends! Thanks for all the love and congratulations towards my family and I. We want to thank God for everything. Please my people don’t be mad the grand reception for family and friends will happen and it will be invite only at the due time. We just had an intimate ceremony”.

“In our tradition, you are traditionally married and then you do the further steps needful to add the topping on the cake. Due to our immediate family not being in Sierra Leone when we did our 1st wedding which was so amazing and they played a great part, we did our main ceremony here”.

She ends her post by wishing herself many anniversaries, “May we celebrate 10, 15, and 100000 more years to come”.