Renowned Sierra Leonean social activist and lawyer, Augustine Sorie-Sengbe Marrah ESQ, has expressed grave concern over the recent unrest and security breach in Freetown. He Urges Constitutional Restoration Amidst Freetown Unrest.

Taking to Twitter, Marrah emphasized the alarming nature of the situation, particularly the reports of armed rebellion and the breach of maximum prisons resulting in the release of prisoners.

He remarked, “Reports of armed rebellion, the breaking into maximum prisons and subsequent release of prisoners are deeply concerning for our democracy. Military insurgency is not the answer—it scales back the small gains we have made and threatens the stability of our nation state. Military-styled takeovers are not a permissible means of redress in any democracy. I therefore entreat the government and security forces to do all in their power to restore law and order through constitutionally established means. May peace reign.

In his tweet, Marrah staunchly opposed military insurgency as a solution, highlighting its potential to erode the hard-earned gains of the nation and pose a severe threat to its stability. He asserted that military-styled takeovers have no place in a democratic society and should not be considered a permissible means of addressing grievances. Instead, Marrah called upon the government and security forces to employ constitutionally established means to restore law and order.

His message underlined the importance of upholding democratic principles and discouraged any actions that could jeopardize the democratic fabric of the nation. Marrah’s plea for peace and adherence to constitutional processes echoed the sentiments of many concerned citizens in Sierra Leone.

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the unrest, Marrah’s voice adds to the collective call for a measured and lawful response to the crisis. The situation remains fluid, and citizens, along with the international community, are closely watching developments, hopeful for a resolution that preserves democratic values and ensures the safety and well-being of the people.