Brother William Ramsy McGEE, Past Master and Most Worship Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, marked his first visit to Sierra Leone with gratitude and warmth, describing the hospitality extended to him as “tremendously awesome.”

During his two-day sojourn in Freetown, Brother McGEE, alongside esteemed Masonic dignitaries including Grand Secretary Brother William M.S Semple, Past Master, embraced the opportunity to strengthen fraternal bonds and extend a helping hand to local causes.

Brother McGEE expressed his sincere appreciation for the warm welcome he and his entourage received from the Sierra Leonean Masonic community. He conveyed his sense of privilege at having the chance to experience the country’s rich culture and traditions first hand. The Grand Master Mason arrived in Freetown on August 15, 2023, commencing a visit that would foster unity, charity, and camaraderie.

The highlight of the visit was the philanthropic gesture that left two deserving organizations with smiles of gratitude. The King George Memorial the 6th Home was gifted twenty thousand New Leones, while the Cancer UK “Salone” received fifty thousand New Leones. These acts of generosity exemplified the Grand Lodge of Scotland’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

The visit unfolded amidst an atmosphere of camaraderie and meaningful exchanges. The Grand Master Mason’s arrival was celebrated with a dinner at the Lagoonda Resort in Aberdeen, Freetown, which provided an opportunity for interactions with local Masons and a press engagement that shed light on the objectives of the visit.

Reflecting on the guiding principles of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, Brother McGEE emphasized the importance of brotherly love, truth, and belief. He emphasized that genuine brotherly love should stem from the heart and extend to all members of the community.

District Grand Master of Sierra Leone and Gambia, Brother Crispin Deigh, highlighted Sierra Leone’s distinction as the first country in the region to establish a grand lodge. He revealed that the country boasts approximately 400 Masons, underscoring the enduring legacy of Masonry in the nation.

In a demonstration of their commitment to charitable endeavours, Brother McGEE shared that the Grand Lodge of Scotland intends to allocate over a million pounds toward combating prostate cancer, a cause that resonates with universal significance.

Sister Makalay Mansaray, Home Manager of King George the 6th Memorial Home, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the generous donation, emphasizing the vital role of donations in sustaining the home’s operations. She extended an open invitation to fellow donors, encouraging them to celebrate their birthdays with the elderly residents, whose blessings, she believes, bestow long-lasting goodwill.

Dr Len Gordon-Harris, representing the UK “Salone” Charity for Prostate Cancer, emphasized the organization’s commitment to raising awareness, advocating for education, and promoting early testing for prostate cancer. He announced the forthcoming launch of a prostate cancer centre in November this year, underlining the organization’s dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the disease.

Brother McGEE’s visit to Sierra Leone exemplified the principles of unity, charity, and compassion that underlie the Masonic fraternity. As he departed, his legacy remained, leaving a trail of goodwill and hope for a brighter future for Sierra Leone.