President Bio is planning a major cabinet reshuffle any time soon. This is due to the fact that he has received numerous complaints about his ministers that have been neglecting to assist the grassroots members of the party who stood firmly to ensure victory for the SLPP.

Those President Bio plans to sack are those ministers, deputy ministers, directors, chairmen and others charged with the responsibility to ensure that they assist all those grassroots people that were there through the rough and tough times for the SLPP to emerge victorious.

The President is planning a shockwave this time round as he intends to take his ministers and other appointees by surprise. Word is that President Bio is fed up with those appointees who seem to be stabbing in the back by refusing to help those grassroots SLPP members who are responsible for the party’s victory. The names that will appear on the list will be a massive shock to all because there would be names of ministers and other government appointees including presidential advisers that are so very close to the president that they might have a heart attack or even fall dead when they hear their names.

Take it or leave it, President Bio is very serious about removing dead wood, rotten fish and unnecessary luggage from his cabinet and bring in other people that take supporting grassroots SLPP members and his New Direction vision seriously and diligently for the success of the party as a whole.