In a tweet  of President  Paul Kagame of Rewanda , ” Corrupt and mediocre  leaders always blame the  opposition for their failures .”

There is no strong opposition in any country. Opposition is strong when the state is weak. If in Rewanda the opposition only  manages to  putt 10 people on the street  I would resign” he said

While  this may be true according  to the president  of Rewanda  some ill- motivated group of a cross section of the population  in Sierra  Leone, some are  government  ministers  whilst  others  are the recruits of the Communication unit  of the Ministry of information  and communication  are trying  to shift the failure of the government  to handle the irrational  and unreasonable  behaviour of protesters  whose actions  have caused the untimely deaths of some Sierra Leoneans including Police Officers on the front door of the Mayor of the Freetown  City Council.

These  Sierra  Leoneans,  rather than looking  for remedy to curb any future ugly  development similar  to what  occurred on 10th  August,  2022, were casting aspersions  to the Mayor as a solution to the problem.

The Mayor of Freetown   has now reacted  strongly  against those  individuals who had occupied the Television screen to pass on what is not  true to viewers  as the gospel  truth of their imagination, thus damaging  the reputation  of the Mayor  of Freetown  and weakening  her determination  work for the people of this country.

These conspirators as they  have been  referred  to by right  thinking Sierra  Leoneans are always in the  habit  of Pointing accusing  fingers  against  innocent  people that they  cannot   compete  with in a leve playing  field.

“They are unmatchable. ” The response  of the Mayor states that, immediately  after His Excellencey  the President’s speech to the nation last night,  the Minister of information, members  of the Strategic  Communications Unit and the Presidential  Press Secretary  held  a Panel discussion  in which  they once again falsely accused me of inciting  the recent Protests.I am extremely  troubled  by this  and utterly  disappointed  that  government  officials would  use such a national  broadcast  to make make baseless.

Let me emphatically state  that  I had no involvement in the incitement or organisation of the protest on the 10th  August. I condemn all acts of violence  that led to the unfortunate  and tragic loss of lives and the destruction of properties on that day.”