In a bid to streamline the public exam process and address challenges faced by schools, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) convened a crucial meeting with key stakeholders.

Representatives from the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), Sierra Leone Teachers’ Union (SLTU), National Council of Head Teachers (NCHT), and the Conference of Principals of Secondary Schools (CPSS) participated in the discussions.

The meeting focused on tackling hurdles encountered by school authorities during candidate registration for public exams. One concern highlighted was the delayed release of exam results, sometimes attributed to the negligence of schools in submitting Continuous Assessment Scores (CASS) for eligible pupils.

Recognizing the impact of missing CASS records, the MBSSE emphasized the importance of timely submissions. Incomplete data not only hinders the exam process but also has dire consequences for students’ early secondary school experience. It can negatively affect their learning progress, particularly in the crucial first term.

The meeting served as a platform for open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving. By bringing together diverse perspectives, the MBSSE aims to streamline the exam process, ensure timely results, and ultimately create a more conducive learning environment for Sierra Leone’s youth.