According to Dr. Josephine Oladipo, the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Basic Education, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education (MBSSE) has informed Heads of Schools that deadline to submit information on the 2022 WAEC NPSE, BECE, WASSCE candidates is Friday 11 February 2022.

She was speaking on the regular SLBC “Morning Coffee Programme” on the 9th February, 2022 during which she made it categorically clear that the deadline for the submission of entries for NPSE, BECE and WASSCE examinations will not be deferred.

Dr. Oladipo disclosed how the deadline for the submission of the information elapsed long time ago which is why the Ministry will not push the deadline again.

She disclosed that the MBSSE and WAEC are working tirelessly to ensure that schools submit their entries in time in order to prepare ahead for the examinations.

The Executive Secretary of Basic Education Commission said WAEC needs to know the number of candidates who have to take the examinations to enable it prepare well for the exact number of candidates who will have to sit to those public examinations.

She stressed how it will not augur well for the operations of MBSSE and WAEC if school authorities do not submit candidates’ information in time.

When asked why the delay in sending information by heads of schools to WAEC, Dr. Oladipo said that schools are complaining about technology.

Dr. Josephine Oladipo revealed the Minister is not happy with this development.

She warned the Ministry will not tolerate school authorities who will not respect the deadline.

Meanwhile, according to reliable information the delay to submit candidates’ information is because some school Heads include the names of pupils who are not attending their schools which causes the names of the number of candidates to increase exponentially.

It is understood that some school authorities expect pupils to join them late and take their pictures which also cause the delay to submit the entries.

Moreover, it is believed some pupils are not regular in schools. They come late to submit their information which further cause the delay.

In another development, the MBSSE has banned the selling of valentine’s memorabilia on school grounds across the country.