The Ministry of Basic and Senior  Secondary education has issued a  Press release  following serious concerns  brought to the attention of the leadership Ministry on March 28th, 2022.

The following are concerns brought to the  Ministry are:

1. High levels of absenteeism among public school teachers;
2. Heavy involvement of teachers in running private lessons for which pupils are charged money
3. Selling of merchandise by teachers to pupils in school;
4. Poor class attendance among WASSCE registered pupils.

The press release further caution all teachers who are guilty of poor class attendance, running syndicate and other lessons for personal profit, and selling merchandise to pupils that MBSSE views these practices with grave concern and warns all teachers to desist from these unethical behaviors or else they will lose their salaries and pin-codes and will even suffer debarment from the teaching profession.

MBSSE expects school leaders to monitor their teachers vigorously and promptly report any of the above-listed teacher behaviors to the Teaching Service Commission or the Chief Education Officer for swift disciplinary action.

MBSSE clarifies that with regard to poor class attendance among pupils registered for WASSCE, MBSSE sends tough warning  to  parents, pupils and school principals that pupils with a record of poor or no class attendance WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THE WASSCE.

The release concludes  that Principals are kindly asked to convene a PTA meeting in their school immediately to convey this information to parents/guardians.