Sierra Leone’s Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary School (MBSSE), Mr. Conrad Sackey, has pioneered the re-integration of 1,000 girls into the formal school system.

In an engagement in the provinces, the minister took a pivotal step towards realizing Sierra Leone’s commitment to ensuring access to education for all.

With some other esteemed partners, UNFPA and Irish Aid, Sackey pushed through the reintegration of approximately 1,000 girls into the formal school system across Koinadugu, Kambia, and Moyamba Districts.

The Minister stated that his move aligns seamlessly with the Ministry’s Radical Inclusive Policy, underscoring their unwavering dedication to the vision of having every child in school by 2028.

The Minister’s method of education reformation has geared general praise, as he actively endorses the cause of marginalized girls. Minister Sackey expressed his commitment and cited to facilitate concrete steps toward achieving equitable education opportunities.