The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, through its Free Education Project Secretariat is currently rolling-out a strategy to minimize School Related Gender Based Violence in the country.

This according to them is as part of the strategy to have the FQSE accessible and affordable for every pupil throughout the country for which  the Free Education Project Secretariat is currently training Gender Professionals from the Local Councils, Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, the Sierra Leone Police, and several other Governmental and Non-governmental Institutions and Organisations from various districts across the country.

The purpose of the training is to raise community awareness on School Related Gender Based Violence, and to further encourage community stakeholders, parents and pupils to stop compromising with cases of sexual, physical, emotional and several other forms abuse in schools.

The Gender Right Activists are trained in Bo City, to sensitize Board and School Management Committee members in various communities across the country on the need to keep the school environment safe for pupils, teachers and school authorities.

Margaret Kaitibie, the gender specialist on the project said, the training would also get participants ready to raise awareness in their various communities and schools about Gender Based Violence issues which special focused of the sexual base.