Greatness they say is not achieved by sudden flight but by perseverance and endurance.

Road Marshall 150 Musa Abdulaihi Kamara, will surely go down in history to be the first Traffic Warden to be in the force and graduate with a degree in law.

He joined the Sierra Leone Road Safety Corps in 2009 at a time when all was not rosy, as many say the job as one meant for drop outs.

Throughout his over ten years of diligent service to the SLRSA, Musa has been a dedicated and Selfless Corps that is known for his professionalism in performing his duty.

Today he holds a Bsc in Business Administration and he was among the latest graduates from the Law School with a law degree.

Throughout his course, the leadership at the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority has been supportive to him as the authority believes in human capacity development.

“I dedicate this success to the management of SLRSA for giving me the needed support to pursue my education. I would not have had this opportunity without their support,” he said.

According to News 24 Newspaper, Musa’s achievement was well appreciated by management of the authority as such person deserves to be elevated.