Housemates Salone (otherwise known as Housemates or #HMSalone) is a Sierra Leonean reality game, love and impact reality tv show based on a local content format.

Following the premise of a locally designed format (different from other reality shows), the Housemates Salone features a group of contestants, known as “housemates” who live together in both enclosed and opened-space house that is accessible to the public.

The Housemates Salone Yagba season was officially launched on Sunday, February 13th 2022 at Mamba Point Lagoonda, in Freetown. The launching brought together high profile guests including the Minister of Tourism and Cultural, Hon. Memunatu Pratt, CEO of AYV Amb. Anthony Navo; Jnr, CEO of Africell, Mr. Shadi Gerjawi, Ms Saraih Robert, winner of the Housemates Salone Season 2 and people from all walks of life including celebrities.

The Housemates Salone, which is in its third year now has positioned itself as the most anticipated and followed reality television show in Sierra Leone and the sub-region. This year’s show which will be on the global Multi-Choice DSTV platform will be the biggest considering the ongoing trending activities and engagements on social media by individuals who are aspiring to be in the house.

Meet the housemates for the season edition:

Patricia Rose Tucker (#53)

She is Patricia Rose Tucker, an indigene of Bonthe district (Sherbro Island) born to both Mr. Michael M Tucker and Mrs Hawa Tucker on March 27 1995. She’s from a family of 19 and 4th of 14 siblings. Fondly called Patrose by friends and fans, started her primary education in Bonthe municipality at Bonthe Amalgamated primary school, she later traveled to Liberia where she did most parts of her senior secondary education at George V. Gibson United Methodist High School. A student at Njala University studying BSC Honors in Business Administration and Management.

She started her acting career way back in primary school but later appeared in her first movie tittled: Gilo the (Snake Girl). She moved to Bo City to develop her full acting potentials. She has also been starred in movies that made their way to international platforms and cinemas. One of her movies Kornya where she played a supportive character won many awards at the 2019 SLAAM International Awards in Maryland and also the 2019 Entertainment Awards.

On December 20th 2019 Patricia Rose Tucker was awarded as Best Supporting Actress at the BoNA Awards. Patrose in an established Actress in the movie industry, aside being a screen diva, Patrose is as well a branded Movie Producer with top movies to her credits.

She is the producer and executive producer of (Soulmates) a movie that feature one of the most talented pop Sierra Leonean actors in Ghana.

Patricia Rose Tucker is a swift modeling star who has graced many stages with her stunning appearances, she had once been crown as Miss Bonthe 2018, her pro-activeness has placed her high above many and she is considered a great woman of substance. Patrose has been a judge and chief judge too many fashion events around the country including Miss Moyamba 2019/2021, Miss Curvey 2021 Bonthe, in 2019 Patrose was notably the official host of Bo Entertainment Award, as a starling celebrity Patrose has appeared in many musical videos.

Patricia Rose Tucker is a humanitarian and Philanthropist.

Ina Elizabeth Cole (#30)

She is Ina Elizabeth Cole, born on 14th September 1992. She is presently residing at Goderich Oba Funkia. She is a business woman trading in human hair and its products. She owns the Lizzy’s Luxury Hair (LLH), one of the country’s finest hair vendors. She was a student of Saint Joseph’s Convent Secondary School and also an IT graduate in Database Technology at IPMC College in Accra (Ghana). She started the Lizzy’s Luxury Hair in 2018 and opened a shop in 2019 at Lumley Mall Freetown.

George Taylor (#26)

He is George Taylor aka Dancing Chef, a chef based in the United States of America.

Almon Sall (#8)

He is Alimamy Almon Sall Kamara popularly known as Almon Sall. He’s 5’ft 9’inc tall and 30 years old. He’s an undergraduate pursuing Bsc. Degree in Public Sector Management and also takes modeling as a Career. Among many other reasons, Modeling helps him to express himself non-verbally and serves as one of his major source of income.

In the future he is hoping he could be a renowned world model and an established business man hoping to own his own fashion clothing line which he will name “PapaSall Closet.”

Born in a family that upholds the Islamic value, he grew up as the last born of 3 kids, understanding the importance of religion, love and family. And both his living parents are a reason for such bonding value.

He is single but fathering one beautiful girl child. He loves music and loves to try different things.

Lolo Simeon (#41)

She is Lolo Simeon. Currently based in France – Born and raised in Freetown, Lolo Simeon, is a Sierra Leonean international model, interpreter, entrepreneur, and founder of Fashion To Empower SL and Let Our Children Dream Foundation.

Her Fashion company, -Fashion To Empower SL organizes fashion events and competitions including Mister and Miss Best Model Sierra Leone, Runway Fashion Shows etc.

Growing up as a child in Sierra Leone, it was no bed of roses for Lolo. She has always dreamt of becoming a strong, independent and generous woman of substance. She understood the challenges of life in an environment that gives men the right to maltreat women and take advantage of their vulnerability. Women and girls are left with little or no choice to become independent or self-reliant, they are forced to accept whatever is given to them.

Lolo Simeon started her educational journey at the Ronsabs Preparatory in Sierra Leone. She attended the Annie Walsh Memorial Junior Secondary School, SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, and Royal Becklyn Academy in Freetown where she completed her Junior and Senior Secondary education.

Nohmi George (#49)

He is Nohmi George. He is 30 years old and based in Dubai. He is single, an entertainer and a happy person who loves making people laugh. He is an actor and has been part of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) after featuring in several Nigerian movies for years. He is also a M.C, rapper and contexts creator.

He attended the Saint Edwards Secondary School and the Fourah Bay College. He is a humanitarian and feels good helping people.

Yeanie Healen Sundufu (#59)

She is Yeanie Healen Sundufu, born and raised in Bo town. She is a Mende and a Christian, a graduate from Fourah Bay College with a certificate in Population Analysis and Social Statistics, and a Bachelor of Science in Commerce. She is multitalented and self-employed. She is a hairdresser, make-up artist, caterer and a barber.

Her dream is to become one of the most educated and influential woman in Sierra Leone and the world at large.

Daniel Sesay (#14)

He is Lawrence Daniel Sesay, an entertainer who has helped and inspired youngsters that believe in entertainment. He said he wants to promote movies, modelling, acting, dancing. In essence he said he want to own a Studio that promotes these arts.

Patricia Rebeca Jamestina Will (#52)

She is Patricia Rebecca Jamestina Will, a Sierra Leonean born on June 14, 1999, and raised in Freetown. She a student reading Gender and Development online at the University of Cayman Islands. A little waxing (hair removal) business owner. The third out of three girls from her parents. Both parents are late now. She is in a 6-month relationship. She is very close to her sisters and two childhood friends but pretty much a mixer. She attended five schools: The Services Military Nursery, Beckyln Nursery and Preparatory School, The Annie Walsh Memorial School, The International Academy (IA), and Royal Beckyln Academy before gaining enrolment at the Fourah Bay College.

Juliana Conteh (#35)

She is Juliana Conteh aka Julie Tombo. She is 29 years old. She relocated to the United States at age 11 where she has lived her whole life and presently lived in Iowa State.

She is a capable and confident Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and most importantly a mother. Dropping out of High School at 11th grade (SS3) she endeavored to make progress and become a better person over the years. She is bold, energetic, outgoing, free-spirited, loving, friendly, spontaneous and loud young person.

She is a self-taught entrepreneur who has been able to create her own Brand of body-shapers within a year, opened a boutique and network with partners in Sierra Leone, Dubai, Turkey and China.

With her basic education and talent, she has been able to empower herself, family, close friends and even people she has never met.

Coming from a dark place of hurt, stigma and pains as a teen mother and a single mother of six, she is passionate about empowering teen mothers and single women around the world.

As the journey of life continues, her passion is to advocate for the inclusion of teen mothers into the educational system and empower their interests; advocate for significant financial support to single mothers and discourage stigmatization against single mothers.

Women deserve a HAND UP and not A HAND OUT. They must not be stigmatized.

Francis Mo Conteh (#23)

He is Francis Mohamed Obaleh Conteh aka Karafilo. He was born on 25th August, 1990 by a Limba and Temne parents. He came from a very small family of four were he is the eldest. He grew up in a business family were his late dad who just passed away was a cassette seller and was also in stationary trade. He grew up taking his parents’ path in business and playing football like his late father who was paying for Sierra Fisheries.

Francis has played football for teams like Sierra Leone Police, Belvick United, Standard FC, Regent Olympic FC, RSLAF FC, DV United, FC Kemoh, Lumley Strikers, Fullah Tong, Old Edwardian FC, and many more.

He started writing songs and to date is become a superstar featured in one of the most anticipating song called Pincher by King Boss LAJ.

During his football days in 2013, Francis was scouted to go play for a club in Ukraine and was set to travel when he unfortunately sustained a fractured leg.

After ending his football career, he extremely paid attention to music and today he is doing great.

He is also a trained professional driver and has worked for reputable institutions and organizations in Sierra Leone, especially in the mining industry.

Osman Bendu

He is Osman Bendu aka Mammy Thomas. He is a popular TikTok Star and comedian known for his green dress and funny comedy videos. He has gained over 62 thousand followers on the App in over 8 months.

He is also a Disc Jockey, a hype man, a M.C and a reporter working for citizen radio in the east of Freetown.

Despite his love for entertainment, he also prioritizes education. He is a student of the University of Management and Technology (UNIMTECH) formerly known as IAMTECH studying Human Resource Management (HRM).

Augusta Kumba Yongai (#11)

She is Augusta Kumba Yongai, a 29 years old woman who was born August 31, 1993 in Freetown by two humble and loving parents Mr and Mrs Youngai. She is the second child of four children from a humble, God fearing, supportive and loving small family. She is currently living in the United States of America and a graduate in Business Administration (BSC). She is also a certified IT Specialist who specializes in (Data Management Processing) and an aspiring Lawyer (Family Law).

She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, creating fashion pieces and talking about her many goals, aspirations and dreams in her leisure time. She also loves sports, especially track and field events as she was a very good runner/athlete during her primary, secondary and university school days.

Augusta Kumba Youngai is a spontaneous humanitarian who has been involved in lots of independent charitable works for children, women and youths for a decade now on a low scale. She is also an Entrepreneur/Business woman doing her businesses in and out of Sierra Leone which she has used to empower selected youths in order to develop their skills and empower them with job opportunities.

She is an embodiment of inspirations, hard work, dedication and consistency.

She believes is lifting others up and being there for them, which is why she aspires to some day in the nearest future have a big charitable organization that will focus on empowering children, women and youth. She is a young intentional woman with lots of skills, abilities, goals, dreams and visions that set her apart from her peers.

Muna Mini Zayat (#46)

She is Muna Mimi Zayat aka Ginger Queen, she currently lives in the United States of America.

Aminata Tejan Mansaray (#10)

She is Aminata Tejan Mansaray aka Lady Nata, a female Rapper based in the United States of America. She is based in the Bronx, New York but was also raised in New Jersey— both areas had shaped her insight and love for Hip Hop culture (alongside being first generation Sierra Leonean- American). From singing in school/ church choirs, being in dance teams and writing poetry; Nata has always had a musical background since the earliest of 7 years old. Hip hop became a huge influence for her the start of middle school when she discovered older artist like A Tribe Called Quest, Diggable Planets, Common and more.

As the years passed on her knowledge and strength in metaphors, double entendres and the importance of cadence grew although just being a listener. 2017, her last year of college, was the start of her switch from writing poems to rhymes. Artist like Jay z, Dipset, Missy Elliot, and Lauryn Hill influenced her interest.

2018 however, was the first time she put out an official freestyle and has been consistent since then. “Finally” the EP, was her first collective of music to ever drop on February 22, 2019. In 2020 not only did she release her biggest record at 40K views now on YouTube “Art Thou”, but has been recognized by the likes of HOT 97, Missy Elliot & more. Nata strives to be a product for not only Hip Hop culture, but for music in general.

Franklyn Gibson (#24)

He is Franklyn A.O Gibson, aged 34 years. He attended the Ronsabs Preparatory School in 1990 and had her high school education at the Sierra Leone Grammar School and later pursued a Higher National Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering.

He has over the years been effectively working on building projects and some other profitable businesses on a medium scale.

He grew up modeling his life to reflect an independent man who seeks to give hope and share the best of him with others.

He had passion for singing since he was a boy and this couples with him being a lighthearted fellow, has given him, on a personal level, so much happiness.

His desire is to be able to provide employment for young men who are particularly interested in building and infrastructural development once he has a very good platform for that. He is single and working on himself to attract the kind of person that compliments his personality.

Paul Mbayoh (#54)

He is Paul Mbomah Mbayo lll. He was born on 14 December 1993 in Kono district. He is a Social Worker who has worked with marginalized groups in Toronto, helping kids with after-school programs. Before leaving the shores of Sierra Leone, she was also an active member of the Children’s Forum Network (Eastern Branch).

He considers himself a Poet and an Author because he loves writing short stories and poems. Some of his interests are sports, music and politics.

Edward Wright (#17)

He is Edward George Wright, hailed from Christian parents in the Congo Town community in Freetown. The name Kontri Boss came about through his popularity in the entertainment industry with collaborations and respect he earned from his peers for his exceptional talent in writing and producing good music. He started music whilst in JSS1, where he most times had to perform in his Church. He recorded his first song in 2003, called “Be My Wife”, and later released “Broken Promises” which earned him recognition and popularity across the country. In 2008, he won the KALBOX National Singing Competition and was awarded Le3,000,000 as star prize and a record deal.

At the formative stages of his career around 2009, he was part of a Music Band comprising four colleagues called 441 which was formed as result of an exceptional performance they displayed at an event held at the National Stadium in Freetown. They were mentored and advised by the CEO of LYNX STUDIO at the time, who coined the name 441.

Early 2019, Kontri Boss travelled to Ghana for exposure and more opportunities to enhance his music career, where he decided to pursue a solo career, interacted with top notch producers and recorded the song E DON TAE featuring a former band mate KONTOFILI. The visuals for this song was shot and edited in Ghana.

He got so many collaborations and has written and produced songs for most of the County’s biggest names earning him the recognition and name “KONTRI BOSS”.

Abdul Michael Koroma (M’Posh) (#2)

He is Abdul Michael Koroma aka M’Posh, a songwriter, singer, sound producer and actor based in Sierra Leone the west coast of Africa. Started his art in entertainment in his early days of his pre-school in his hometown Port Loko, but now a city, situated in the north-west region of Sierra Leone where he used scrap metal to build local drum machine in order to produce sounds so that he can sing. He took part in different extracurricular activities and that includes Acting, Singing and also dancing of which he loves doing. He grew up with that passion with the support of his single mother who always loved seeing her son singing and acting.

In the early 2000’s he took the lead role in a movie titled “Underworld Pastor” of which that was the first movie to be done in his community and with that he was named “the greatest bashon “which explains how great he is in doing what he does best.

Abdul Alhadi (#1)

He is Abdul Alhadi aka Double A, born in Freetown Sierra Leone. Central/Fula Tong. He went to the UK at age 14 years, became a well-known Disc Jockey (DJ) in the UK where he started doing Afro-Salone music. He became the most popular Sierra Leonean musician in the UK and still currently. He went on tour with Nigerian superstar Lil Kesh, performed for Teni, Tekno, R2bees, Dbanji and many more.

His life as a musician is not easy in the UK, especially been a Sierra Leone as they fight to put Sierra Leone music on the map. He is also the only Sierra Leonean musician who had 4 songs playing back to back on London’s leading radio stations.

Juliet Konia Sesay (#36)

She is Juliet Konya Sesay aka Juju Jeks. She got pregnant at age 15. She was impregnated by her fellow teenager. She endured a difficult childhood experience. She started on a journey of recovery, studying and working for a better future.

Juju Jeks graduated from the Njala University, with a BSc Hons in Social Work. She is a Multimedia Entrepreneur and Actress. She is the Founder/CEO of Juju Jeks Graphic Designs and Juju Jeks Multimedia. She is among the leading social media influencers in her country –Sierra Leone and the co-founder and CEO of Tik Tok Stars in Sierra Leone.

She is a National Youth Service Corp, Youth Ambassador who is part of the Wave Alliance in Sierra Leone – an alliance of community organisations that is providing safe spaces, caring mentors, and Surf Therapy to improve the wellbeing of young people, and to help tackle teenage pregnancy, early marriage and other issues affecting girls.

Alice H Kanjia (#5)

She is Alice Hannah Kanjia aka Team Network Anthem, she is a Blogger, Talk Show Host, Youtuber, Promoter, Brand Ambassador, Social Media Influenzas, M.C and Activist residing in the United States of America. She stands strong in developing and promoting Agriculture. She has lots of plots of land in Sierra Leone where she develops in agriculture. She said she chooses farming as a career to help feed the nation. It is only when we begin to feed ourselves that we will become truly independent, adding: “Agriculture will improve Youth Employment and decrease the dependency rate”.