As Albert Academy, Sierra Leone Celebrates its 118 Anniversary some prominent celebrities have taken to social media to celebrate their Alma Mater

Amongst such are the likes of sierra Leonean professional footballer Mohamed Buya Turay, Artical Foyoh, former Housemate Komkanda, and many others


The Albert Academy one of Sierra Leone’s leading secondary schools is celebrating today its 118th anniversary (It was founded on October 4, 1904)

Here are some prominent sierra Leoneans and celebrities who attended the Albert Academy;

Among some of its many prominent alumni were Sierra Leone’s first Prime Minister, the late Sir Milton Margai, and Sierra Leone’s first Executive President, the late Siaka Probyn Stevens.

Although the school has a Christian tradition, through the United Methodist Church (UMC) which founded the school, pupils from all religious backgrounds currently attend.

It has alumni associations in the UK, CanaCanada Freetown. The alumni associations make contributions to the school, including, for example, giving scholarships and grants to students and contributing to the school’s infrastructural development.