The sixth roommate for this bestyz season is Mary Fanta Kamara commonly known as Wizzy F Baby of TEAMGORGEOUS. she is 26 years old Sierra Leonean model, artist and owner of the gorgeous fashion house boutique. Some of the dresses in the boutique are made by her as she is also a fashion designer.

Marywizzy was born and raised in the Eastend part of Freetown Sierra Leone. She started her primary school at the Sierra Leone Muslim community (SLMC) School and later continued her secondary schooling at Government municipal secondary school both in East end Freetown.

She has special skills in fashion designing, and hairdressing. Marywizzy is gorgeous and talented. she is also an entertainer and a great actress as she makes funny videos on Facebook and Tik Tok to entertain and engage her fans and followers. Her hobbies are dancing, singing, reading, cracking funs.

Her bestie is called Isha Bangura commonly known as Ishiatu. She hates lies and love the truth. She loves music, reading novels and she is friendly person. Her favorite colors are orange, red, pink and white and her favorite foods are cassava leaf and lafidi.