Prominent Sierra Leonean barrister, Basita Michael has emphasized the significance of democracy in the country and drew attention to the valuable lessons that can be gleaned from previous administrations.

With a fervent call to action, she underscored that the attainment of democracy, freedom, and justice requires unwavering commitment and collective effort.

Michael expressed deep concern over the prevailing lack of accountability and unchecked misconduct witnessed under both current and past administrations.

She lamented the relentless assault on democracy, freedom, and justice, which continues unabated, fueled by the spread of fake news, propagandists, and a vengeful mindset that has seeped into the nation’s collective consciousness.

Addressing the actions of the SLPP regime over the past five years and the ECSL’s conduct during the recent election, Michael revealed that many Sierra Leoneans perceive these as attempts to hold the APC accountable for their governance failures and election manipulation in 2012. She cautioned that once bad governance and a pursuit of revenge gain momentum, halting their destructive course becomes increasingly challenging.

Furthermore, Michael stressed that the realization of a better Sierra Leone cannot rely solely on voting during elections.

She called on the public to recognize that their responsibility extends beyond the voting booth. It hinges upon the stands they take and the voices they raise to defend democracy, justice, and freedom whenever they face threats, even during the intervals between electoral cycles.

In conclusion, Barrister Basita Michael urged Sierra Leoneans to remain vigilant in safeguarding the principles of democracy, justice, and freedom.