Le7 Million to Blackmail Rokel Bank Managing Director

Patriot Media has reported that the media assault to blackmail the Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank is taking a new turn with his antagonists offering Le7 Million to some newspaper outlets to publish fake and unsubstantiated allegations against a reputable and hard-working MD.

According to patriot Media, credible information in their possession exposed the sinister plans of the Deputy Managing Director, Emmanuel Borbor, the Director of Business Development, Abdul Rahman Mahdi and the Company Secretary, Margaret Kamara to have the MD dismissed simply because he had stood his grounds against activities that would reverse the fortunes of the bank.

In the report, the Media stated that, It is no secret that one of these antagonists, Abdul Rahman Mahdi has been notorious for orchestrating the removal of previous Managing Directors of the bank just to fulfil his desire to lead the bank himself.

It added that they have in their possession names of the said newspapers and editors who have collected this sum as well as the names of those agents sent to contact and pay these newspapers.

It is a shame that some of these media professionals can stoop so low with concern to the reputational damage this may have on the bank and the MD who has worked so hard to transform Rokel Commercial Bank from a loss making to a profit making financial institution.

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Patriot Media ended that In due course, they will provide hard evidence including the names of these so called media elements and hired assassins.



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