Marticulation Exams: Milton Margai Technical University Authorities Implicated on Poor Use of The English Language

Taking you to to the recent public notice issued by registry office of the University for English Language entrance examination, Milton Margai Technical University authorities have been implicated on poor use of the English Language.

The public notice which was to informed applicants to the University on the change of date for the  English Language entrance exam was spotted with spellings and grammar errors.

On the public notice key words like Higher, certificate, National were spelt as Higer, Certiciate, and Natinal respectively. When many Sierra Leoneans home and abroad saw the notice, it was assumed a fake until a signature proved it authenticity signed by the registry office.

This huge mistake from the University has sparked reactions from Sierra Leoneans who had never thought a whole University could make these errors and published the notice to the public without noticing their mistakes.

College entrance exam may refer to any standardized test which is needed in order for one to be considered eligible for application by a post-secondary institution. These exams differ by countries as Britains take GCSE, USA take SAT reasoning test etc.

In Sierra Leone, most applicants for entrance exams are tested in English Language, basic mathematics skills. Other Universities do take it further to logic as they test applicants reasoning abilities.

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With these mistakes from the University, many Sierra Leoneans are with the thoughts that, if the University which is set to conduct an English Language entrance exam could make these huge mistakes without noticing any of them, there is certainty that successful applicants are most likely to bear the fruits from the same tree.


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