There have been bashes upon bashes since the public notice issued by Cribs International surfaced the blue app which desist other record labels from  working with The Therapist without their knowledge. As a former act of aforementioned record label, Mimi Wood has today supported the actions of Jacob The Therapist.

The truth still remains that, the skeleton in the closet of The Therapist and Cribs is still hidden from the public as neither The Therapist nor Cribs International could revealed controversies that have been going on between them.

On the said notice, Cribs alleged their act stunting out and performing on entertainment events and going on tours without their knowledge. They affirmed again that The Therapist is still an act to the label.

Following to Jacob The Therapist’s recent collaborations, it is still yet to be sure off as there has not been any formal announcement, but the celebrity has been spotted chilling with some big boys from Nigeria who could possibly package him more and sell him to the market.

It is yet to be confirmed if The Therapist is still an act to Cribs even though the label claims him. The Therapist is amongst Sierra Leone most finest entertainer. He has grown so fast like wild fire in the hamattan season within a year and yet pushes for more greatness to compete with other foreign countries in terms of entertainment.

With regards to his decision of secretly working with other record labels on behalf of Cribs, as the record label alleged, song writer and singer Mimi Wood has vividly on a post supported The Therapist for his actions to ghost Cribs.

The celebrity on her post partially explained her experiences with Cribs and disclosed that she prefers working on her own and move forward than work with Cribs again. It is still hidden as to why both celebrities could experience an experience while working with Cribs and decided to lock door on smoke.

As bashes keep hitting the record label Cribs, it is almost clearly written that there is something that transpired between Jacob The Therapist and Cribs which is still kept hidden from the media.

One one of Mimi Wood’s post she revealed:

I don’t blame him, Cribs are some of the most unprofessional I have ever had t the displeasure of working with, hence why I rejected their deal” Mimi Wood disclosed.

“I would rather do everything on my own terms, even if that meant never recording again! Trust and believe” she disclosed on an other post.

Mimi wood has been in the entertainment industry for year now. In 2021 Cribs International and Vybz City Studio dismantled the music arena with a precious diamond voice of Mimi Wood backed with the Legendary Drizilik. The song was one of a kind as both celebrities put their all to it.

With her recent song in town title no ceiling, the celebrity with her lyrics motivated the world with a growth mindset as there is no ceiling and the sky is the limit for whosoever that believes on to grow. She is indeed hot in her looks and lyrically.