Sierra Leone’s Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah, along with his team, participated in a significant event on August 19, 2023. The occasion marked the commemoration of World Photo Day and was hosted by the Sierra Leone Union of Photographers.

Themed “Building Peace and National Cohesion through the Lens,” the ceremony brought together a diverse group of photographers. These professionals engaged in discussions concerning various plans and potential collaborations.

The Minister expressed his commitment to fostering a stronger partnership with the Union. He aimed to leverage this collaboration to narrate the captivating narratives of Sierra Leone.

The focus would encompass the country’s transformational agenda, highlighted by the Big 5 game changers, as well as its cultural and touristic attractions. Moreover, the Minister emphasized the dynamism and innovation displayed by Sierra Leone’s women and young populace.

He also highlighted the innate hospitality of the nation’s people and the overall greatness of the country.

During his address, the Minister posed a question to the attendees, asking, “What story do you wish to tell?” He took on the role of the keynote speaker on behalf of President Bio at the Sierra Leone Union of Photographers’ event in Bo.

The Minister pledged to collaborate with the Union to revitalize the sector and contribute to crafting a more inspiring and positive narrative of the stunning Sierra Leone.

The event not only celebrated the art of photography but also underscored its potential as a powerful tool for shaping perceptions and promoting unity and harmony within the nation. As the Minister and his team stand by their commitment, Sierra Leone looks forward to a future of heightened engagement, creativity, and storytelling through the lens.