In a press briefing held on Thursday, June 6th, the Minister of Information and Communication Mohamed Rahman Swaray expressed his disappointment and labeled it a “betrayal of trust” if the All Peoples Congress Party (APC) follows through with its decision to boycott participation in the country’s governance in 2023.

The minister addressed stakeholders and journalists at the Ministry’s Conference room in Freetown, highlighting the potential consequences of the party’s actions.

During the briefing, Minister Swarray emphasized the significance of the APC’s role as an opposition party and stressed that their participation in governance is crucial for the proper functioning of democracy.

Referring to the voters who placed their trust in the APC during the previous elections, he asserted, “Those people you mentioned, the APC, who have indicated the wish to boycott the various levels of governance and the service they have been voted for in various positions ranging from President to local council, will be a big betrayal to their voters.”

The minister expressed his hope that the APC would reconsider their decision, given the implications it could have on the citizens who supported and voted for the party.

He further underscored the importance of fulfilling the mandate entrusted to them by the people, stating, “It is my hope that the APC reconsider those various positions because it will be a big betrayal of trust to their people who voted for them.”