Following the incident at the Bo Mini Stadium on Wednesday 2nd February 2023 which left approximately 30 school-going children injured, the Minister of Basic Education, David Monina Sengeh has commended the emergency response coordination for their proactive measures to ensure the kids have thorough medications.

In his statement, the minister expressed satisfaction over the care given to the admitted children by all players who made sure that these children get comfort as well as confidence in the medication.

I’m so proud of our emergency response coordination in Sierra Leone. When students got hurt yesterday; ambulance drivers, including the presidential ambulance, nurses, doctors, police, NDMA, teachers, and volunteers, immediately went into action. It is only because of the immediate action that we were able to mitigate a worse disaster. I saw the President Control crowds and help patients into his presidential ambulance. I saw Ministers and government leaders like the DG of Nassit move people. Bravo to all frontline workers’’, he affirmed.

Describing the efforts by the different sectors in the coordination, he said many sacrificed their time, energy and everything and they could not sleep half of the night and were first to come early in the morning to check on the health status of the children.

’Many went to bed after 2 am. And others were there today at 8 am. After school, I saw the senior prefect of Ahmadiya Secondary School visit. Other students showed up to ask for their friends. I saw the principal of QRS and teachers of all affected schools. I saw the hospital mobilize and triage- nurses showed up out of shift’’, he said.

He furthered that, the cotton tree pharmacy was clutch with care/treatment provided to the victims and those who needed to be transferred were transferred to Freetown, and those who needed surgery went into surgery.

In expressing the feeling as well as picturing the mood of the children he said ‘’and with all that, I saw the joy on the faces of the kids. I saw empathy and I saw love”, he thanked and appreciated the parents for all their care and patience.

In conclusion, the minister thanked and appreciated President Bio, the First Lady, and all other government officials who visited and supported the victims and Healthcare providers as he believed that ‘’Together, we can change this country’’.