Sierra Leone’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Retired Major General, David T.O Taluva  has Issued a 7 day ultimatum to residents and Business operatives closer to Kissy  Oil Terminal. The Minister justified the ultimatum that he does not want Sierra Leone to experience a similar situation with Guinea.

As a way to prevent such tragic incidents in Sierra Leone from people squatting around the area, the Minister emphasized that people residing within the area engaged in dangerous activities like cooking 10 meters closer to the terminal.

He pointed out that they don’t want to experience the tragedy that recently befalls The Republic of Guinea.

Some of the residents pleaded with the Minister to increase the allocated time for evacuation adding that they have been doing business in the area for over 5years.

In November 2021 at least 98 people died after a massive explosion when a fuel tanker collided with a lorry in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown.

Fuel spilled before igniting and the resulting inferno engulfed bystanders and vehicles at a busy junction.