The Minister of Lands, Housing, and Country Planning, Dr. Turad Senesie has affirmed government plans to transform the Kenema Plane Field into a microeconomic zone.

The minister made this statement to the press in Kenema, stating that the new transformation will benefit Sierra Leone and the Eastern Region in particular.

He said the Kenema Plane Field is a state property, adding that the government will utilize it in a way it will be beneficial to Sierra Leoneans.

He continued that the intended Micro Economic Zone will enable different business platforms with the unique allocation of various businesses to ensure standards as it’s happening in other civilized countries in the world.

The minister further assured the government commitment to doing the needful even though there is massive encroachment by members of the public and expressed dissatisfaction with the manner of construction activities that have made the airstrip useless for its initial purpose.

He also stated that a re-survey will be conducted by his ministry to determine the length at which people have occupied the plane field before the government will make a final decision on how to utilize the land adding that if there is a possibility for the government to sell the land will be planned and made public.

The minister also stated that if the government decided to sell the land, proceeds from the sale will be used to buy another land elsewhere for the construction of a plane field.

Dr. Senesie called on all who have purchased part of the said land to present their document to the ministry but assured that the government will give a human face to whatever process.

The minister conducted a tour of the plane field and was accompanied by the Director of Surveys at the ministry, the press, civil society representatives, the police, etc, and halted ongoing construction activities until the government makes a final decision on how the land will be used.