Mohamed Rahman Swaray, Minister of Employment, Labor and Social Security has on the 20th September 2023 engaged representatives of the Sierra Leone Labour Congress and the African Regional Organization of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa)

The discussion was focused at the welfare and safety of workers as well as the efforts of the African workers’ to contribute to the halting of Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs) in Sierra Leone and Africa at large.

This according to them may boost the internal resource mobilization opportunities for improvement of financing social protection.

The Deputy General Secretary, Akhator Joel Odigie, for the Regional Trade Union explained that the regional workers’ union organizes and coordinates over 17,000,000 men and women across Africa.

“For us as organized workers, we see and believe that the resurgence to pan-African beliefs and actions should have cultural, spiritual and transformational characters, which Africans must consciously and effectively harvest for good and not miss it”.  He stated, adding that, nations must work hard and be in a good hurry to carve out legacies in the opportunities we have been given to serve our people. “Whatever we do now will be a legacy to the unborn generations,” he stated.

He said that the project intended to support the country to not revert to its negative civil conflict past, adding that , though the COVID-19 Pandemic slowed down the project implementation, the activities have since restarted, and “we are happy that it is doing well here in the country”.

The Minister expressed delight about the project and that he gets excited by anything that seeks to educate and mobilize people for transformative change in society.

In given out President Bio’s vision, He said he believes in investing in the country’s population, which is why a huge junk of finance has gone into Education since 2018.

He said that the Bio-led administration believes in and respects dialogue greatly, adding that that was the main reason he pushed for the repeal of the obnoxious Part 5 of the 1965 Public Order Act, which criminalized Libel, in his previous role.

He assured the partners of openness on his part and that of government at all times.