The Minister of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED), Kenyeh Barlay, on May 18, 2024 led a significant aid distribution to 280 flood victims in Moyamba District.  

The said event took place at the Tiama Secondary School in Tiama, where she highlighted the development contributions of ECOWAS to Sierra Leone which provided 280 flood victims from Kori Chiefdom, Moyamba District, with quality NERICA seed rice, fertilizers, hygiene kits, and cash.

She revealed that the initiative is part of the “ECOWAS Post-2022 Flood Recovery Assistance-Sierra Leone Project,” funded by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) where each beneficiary received essential agricultural supplies, including a bag of seed rice and fertilizers, along with transportation to return home. The project aims to support 12 communities in Kori Chiefdom, following severe flooding in 2022.

Chief Peter Yambasu of Kori Chiefdom welcomed all attendees of the ceremony as he revealed that Kori Chiefdom is not only blessed with abundant resources but also boasts a larger population compared to the other affected chiefdoms. He thanked and appreciated the government of Sierra Leone and partners for their timely intervention in helping the people of Kori Chiefdom.

The minister rolled out her ministry’s role in national planning and resource management as she outlined Sierra Leone’s Mid-Term National Development Plan priorities, focusing on five key areas: agricultural development, education and healthcare, youth employment, infrastructure, and civil service reform. She further recounts the in-roads done by the ECOWAS Commission to Sierra Leone, including security, education, health and infrastructure to name a few.

The ECOWAS Resident representative to Sierra Leone, Amb. Harouna Moussa emphasized the organization’s commitment to supporting flood-affected communities in Sierra Leone. He underscored the importance of resilience and solidarity among member states.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture II, Mr. Sahr Hemoe, called on farmers to utilize the provided resources effectively to boost food security and reduce reliance on imported goods. He detailed the government’s efforts to ensure the quality and timely delivery of seed rice and fertilizers. He mentioned the establishment of a Seed Bank to support future agricultural needs.