The Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, has presented the Bekongor III hydropower project contracts to Parliament and asked Parliament to approve the power purchase and performance contracts for the project.

Mr. Sesay appreciated that electricity and energy are the driving force of socio-economic development of any country, and noted that President Julius Maada Bio has set the energy sector as one of the main focuses in the New Direction Manifesto with the aim of increasing energy . access to the whole country.

Increasing access to electricity is paramount to achieving our goal of transforming the economy of this country. To realize this vision and ensure efficient and effective service. The Electricity Action Plan 2018-2030 aims to increase electricity generation capacity from 100MW installed capacity. to 1800MW,” he said. .

Mr. Sesay said the Ministries of Energy and Finance and the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority EDSA jointly signed the 120MW Bekongor III project contract for the construction, installation, supply and commissioning of the 120MW hydroelectric plant for one year. 25 years of service withNokorko Resources Limited and their partners.

Urging the honorable lawmakers to ratify the project contracts, the energy minister said that 900,000 more consumers will benefit from the electricity generated after the completion of the project, adding that the project is located near the Bekongor-Congo Falls. Along the river Sewa at the peak of Gorama Mende, a lot of electricity would be generated and transmitted in the country.

“The power plant includes the installation of 4/30 MW Francis turbines, the construction of a new 225 KV substation near the project plantation, and the construction of approximately 35 kilometers of 225 transmission lines from the project area to the CLSG Bekongori substation in Bumpe to improve evacuation capacity,” Sesay said, adding that the components of the project would be handed over to the Government of Sierra Leone after the 25-year period.

Finally, he spoke about the environmental impact assessment aspects of the project and the tariff system.

Chairman of the Energy Committee in Parliament, Mr. Kekura Vandi expressed his joy about the project and called on like-minded people to ratify the project contracts.

Kono district Member of Parliament Hon.Musa Fofana said his district enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy additional sustainable electricity.

Acting Leader of the opposition, Hon. Hassan Sesay thanked the minister for planning the project and stated that the project will be cost-effective and will attract foreign investment.

Parliament has unanimously approved critical twinning agreements aimed at increasing energy access across the country, and the minister is praised for his remarkable foresight and leadership.