The Deputy Youth Minister, Hon. Patrick Michaelson Gibrilla, has proudly announced the inauguration of the 38th Car Wash Center on May 16th, 2024

This milestone event, held at the National Stadium Car Wash Center, marks a crucial development in the ministry’s ongoing efforts to create sustainable employment opportunities for the nation’s youth.

The establishment of these car wash centers is a testament to our dedication to creating sustainable employment opportunities for our young citizens,” Hon. Gibrilla declared during the ceremony. His statement underscores the ministry’s commitment to providing avenues for financial independence and skill development among the youth.

The inauguration ceremony was a vibrant and lively affair, capturing the spirit and potential of the young attendees. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as a multitude of enthusiastic young individuals gathered, reflecting their high aspirations and eagerness to seize new opportunities.

Key figures who have been instrumental in the success of this initiative were present to lend their support. The Director of the Car Wash Project, whose visionary leadership has been pivotal, attended the event. His contributions have been crucial in steering the project towards achieving its objectives. Additionally, the Permanent Secretary of the Youth Affairs Ministry graced the occasion, providing unwavering support and guidance to ensure the prosperity of the youth involved in this initiative.

The launch of the 38th Car Wash Center is not just a standalone event but part of a broader strategy by the Ministry of Youth Affairs to address unemployment and foster entrepreneurship among the nation’s young population. By equipping them with the necessary tools and resources, the ministry aims to create a more robust and self-sufficient youth community.

This initiative is expected to inspire further efforts and collaborations aimed at youth development, reinforcing the government’s commitment to nurturing the potential of its young citizens. The successful launch signifies a promising step towards a future where the youth are empowered, skilled, and ready to contribute significantly to the nation’s growth.