The Electrical Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has announced unpaid bills owed by Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) in the country reported in some local newspapers on Monday 9 October 2023.

EDSA revealed that they owed Independent Power Producers a whopping $72 million as of July 2023 revolving around a pressing issue for them to keep operations.

EDSA also attested that the MDAs owed an overwhelming debt of Le 421 billion Leone in unpaid bills.

The Authority claimed that these financial challenges are affecting operation of serving electricity in a constant rates for the people and country at large.

The debt owed to the Independent contractor that helps in electrical distribution and the government entities brings great challenges for the Authority to keep serving its purpose.

The Authority is calling on the government to salvage this situation and attention is needed in those areas to address the liabilities and ensure a good distribution of electricity countrywide.