The Pujehun District Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security received a significant boost recently with a delivery of agricultural equipment and fertilizers. This support is a major step forward for the “Feed the Nation” project, initiated by President Julius Maada Bio.

Madam Lucy Koker, the District Agriculture Officer, expressed her delight at the new resources. She highlighted Pujehun’s potential to be self-sufficient in food production and even contribute to national food security, thanks to its vast amount of arable land.

The equipment includes rice haulers, dryers, tillers, threshers, planters, brush cutters, milling machines, and fertilizer sprayers. These resources are expected to significantly increase productivity and efficiency for Pujehun’s farmers.

Madam Koker emphasized the six key areas of focus within the “Feed the Nation” project: mechanization and irrigation, seeds and supplies, aggregation, processing and marketing, financial and technological support for farmers, climate-smart agriculture, and empowering women and youths.

She also highlighted two ongoing projects that complement “Feed the Nation”: the Food System Resilience Project and the Rural Infrastructure Agricultural Connectivity (RIAC) initiative. These projects are working on thousands of hectares of land to further support the district’s agricultural goals.

Koker appealed to the Minister of Agriculture for additional tractors, acknowledging their importance for efficient land preparation. She also praised the collaboration with the Farmers’ Federation, assuring stakeholders that all equipment will be used effectively to maximize productivity and achieve food security.

This support for Pujehun District is a crucial step towards sustainable agriculture, increased production, and food security. With collaboration from all stakeholders, the project has the potential to empower Pujehun’s farmers to not only feed the district but also contribute to the nation’s food supply. As “Feed the Nation” gains momentum, Pujehun serves as a beacon of hope for agricultural development, showcasing the government’s commitment to a brighter future.